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Semarang Merchant Marine Polytechnic



PIP Semarang (Semarang Merchant Marine Polythecnic) if one of the state education institution administered under the education and Training Agency Ministry of Transportation.

If undertakes education and training to the potential young people graduates from senior high school to be Merchant Marine Officer and Porth & Shipping Management officer.

To fulfill the need of sea transportation, since Academic year 1995/1996, PIP Semarang undertakes a diploma IV program on Merchant Marine and Port & Shiping Management. The Graduatets are called Sarjana Sain Terapan(S.ST), Bachelor on Applied Science.

Considering the quality improvement of the education program, teaching staff, graduates and supporting facilities, There was an institutional change in 1951, which finally transformed the name to be Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang (Semarang Merchant Marine Polythecnic) in 1999.

Moreover, PIP Semarang has been listed in the "white List" of International Maritime Organization in 2000.

These are the Transpormation of PIP Semarang :

1 1951-1955 SPS its was 3 year education program
2 1955 - 1975 SPM its was 3 year education program
3 1974 - 1981 P3B its was 3 year education program
4 1979 - 1995 BPLP That was equal with Diploma III, 3 year Program





Based on the Decree of Minister of Communication No.KM.81 dated 13 October 1999 and KM.70 the year of 2002 on PIP Semarang Organization and working Management Structure, The Goverment Officially declared the establishment of PIP Semarang (Semarang Merchant Marine Polythecnic). The Program equals with Diploma IV program, which covered 4 year education program.